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  • What can I expect during the first weight loss appointment?

    Initial consultations are complimentary. We will go through a complete health history with each patient and do a Body Composition Analysis Report. During this time, we will also discuss the entire program in detail, set goals, and answer all questions. This initial visit usually takes 45 minutes, or up to 1 hour, depending on the health history and level of questions. Call today for a consultation to see learn about Metabolic Weight Loss options.

  • What are the basics of this program?

    On your first visit, we will do a full health history review, visit your past issues, and discuss all goals and cover the program details. Once you are in the program, you can expect exceptional accountability from us (that is our superpower!) and help and support every step of the way. We understand that weight loss is not easy, and we are here to help! We also offer a phone App and patient portal options, so you can track along with us, and we can offer suggestions on daily choices.

  • What types of foods will I eat?

    Metabolic Weight Loss Centers uses eat real foods. We do not use shakes, bars, protein powders or prepackaged food. We strongly follow the premise that if you don’t learn to cook differently, and eat differently in restaurants, you probably won’t keep the weight off. We show you new ways to do this.

  • Where is Metabolic Weight Loss Centers located?

    We are in a professional office environment with several treatment rooms for privacy and the ability to focus on the patient. Our friendly team is there to help and answer questions and concerns for our patients daily, and even on weekends! We are located at 1910 S. Highland Ave, Suite 103 Lombard, Il 60148

  • Does my insurance cover weight loss?

    Some insurance plans do have options for weight loss. Call us at (630) 777-9167 and we can assist with questions, as insurance plans vary from person to person.

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