What is a diet? How does it fit into a healthy LIFESTYLE?

At Metabolic Weight Loss Centers, we try to teach our patients to think about the journey as a lifestyle change, instead of a diet. Many people immediately feel a sense of loss when they hear the word DIET. When we look at food and making different choices with eating as a lifestyle, suddenly it doesn’t feel so bad. Lifestyle changes can be fun, new, exciting and help to feel and be at our BEST!

Within our program, we try to teach our patients to:
1. Think of food as FUEL: Food should not be our source of entertainment. Food can oftentimes be used in times of stress, happiness, celebrations, sadness, grief, and the list goes on and on. When our minds shift to “food as fuel” we start to realize that our relationships and experiences fill the gaps for the items we mentioned above, and food becomes less important.

2. How to Eat out and still be healthy: Our patients give us a list of restaurants or places they might like to order food from, and we walk them thru the menu and teach them how to order the right foods, and more importantly, how to ask your server to have them prepare your food in a healthy way. You can eat out and still be healthy!

3. How to Socialize: We have many tips and tricks for socializing. It’s often best to find out the menu BEFORE you go. That way there are no surprises, and you can plan accordingly.

4. Eat before you go: Try not to go to events HUNGRY. Temptations will most likely be there, so going there with some food in you can make all the difference.

5. Cooking at home can be Fun and Healthy: We provide many recipes and ideas to learn how to cook at home and still enjoy great flavors and ideas. Our recipes are family-friendly, easy to make, and help the entire family learn how to eat fresh and healthy for a LIFETIME.

Bon appetite!

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